A downloadable game for Windows


All the game takes place in: Lumière Du Néant, a fascinating, unreal and mysterious place, in equal parts, where evil and perversion corrupts everyone who enters it.


Meet the different characters who have been corrupted by the curse of the masks that emanates from the cabaret. Discover their darkest secrets and find a way to escape the place.


Explore the cabaret in order to advance inside its flaunting and mysterious rooms, hiding from enemies and solving all kinds of intricate situations.


Use your wits to get through areas guarded by workers. They are looking for you in the least expected places, nowhere is safe. Be careful not to get caught!


maskerade-the-deadpan-cry-windows-beta.zip 2 GB
Version 1 11 days ago


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so cool prototype

Thank you so much! We hope you enjoyed the game as much as we did watching your gameplay :)

your game is beauty,,i think so cool for console